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132nd AGM of the Co Antrim Football Association


The Co Antrim & District Football Association held its 132nd Annual General Meeting on Monday evening.
It was the second consecutive year that the AGM had been hosted via Video Conference due to restrictions as a result of the Covid 19 pandemic.
At the AGM, members were given a comprehensive update on the work of the Association in the past year as well as providing their approval for the Association's Accounts, as presented by the Association Treasurer, Michael Wilson.
The Association Auditor, Noel Wright was re-elected.
Following the AGM, the Steel & Sons Cup and Senior Shield Committees' held their first meeting, to elect the Committee members for the 21/22 season.

Steel & Sons Cup Committee:

  • Dee Heron (Chair)
  • Michael Preston (Vice Chair)
  • Conrad Kirkwood
  • David Martin
  • John Duffy
  • Crawford Wilson
  • Robert Fenton
  • John Morgan
  • Jim Shaw
  • Alistair Gray
  • Brian White
  • Mervyn Martin


Senior Shield Committee:

  • Trevor McCann (Chair)
  • Stephen Shaw (Vice Chair)
  • Andrew Sloan
  • Michael Long
  • Andrew Scullion
  • Jim Steed
  • Brian Adams
  • David Begley


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County Antrim and District Football Association
County Antrim and District Football Association